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Top 5 Problems of Robotic Baristas. №4. Technical downtime

Robots are to work 24/7 without mistakes.

Technically, it's true. Robots, which is Robotic Arms, are to be able to handle operations non-stop with no failure. But in case of RoboticBaristas- it’s more of an integration project. And for it to perform faultlessly the right set up is needed.

There’s nothing worse for b2b marketing than a non-working piece of equipment. And nothing hits the retention harder than a failed order. Word of mouth in close communities (offices, HQs) travels fast =)

These're the most common issues.

1.B2C related issues.

Customer split drink or a few drops on the tabling. Customer was taking a straw and didn’t utilise the paper cover but dropped it on the tabling. Customer tried to drag the pick up area.

Though some of those do not limit the physical ability to place new orders, the overall “neglected” impression coming out from the littered equipment, might significantly influence the conversion.

#15% all downtime reasons


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