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Top 5 Problems of Robotic Baristas. №3. “Vending-like” type of perception

How do you call a stand alone device that provides you FB service? Right, vending.

What do you think of the products served by ahashtag#vending? Lower quality, “fast-food”, non-healthy, temporary replacement, "take on-the-go unless you have something better".

It’s just human nature. Perception is based on previous experience. Volvo - safety, BWM - drive, products manufactured in China - poorer quality (which I personally do not agree at all), vending - cheap non-quality stuff.

Do you know why WMF introduced hybrid super automatichashtag#EspressoNext? It’s the same as 5000S+ but has a hopper, which a barista needs to install. Grinding/tempering/brewing - all is done by the machine automatically. And the main reason for that - “imitate” added value. It’s a psychological trick - people’s perception needs to be soothed and calmed down by seeing a person “handling something”, to look like a traditional coffee making process. Otherwise, how would you pay 20 AED per your latte?!

The same thing is about robotic baristas. Let me put it through the prism of Click Coffee, since I’m fully aware of the tech details.


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