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Top 5 Problems of Robotic Baristas. №1. Retention

First robotic barista - by Cafe X- appeared 2014/2015. It’s almost 10 years from now. At that moment there was a lot of rush around - investors were throwing millions (as per Crunch base - and Henry Hu's Cafe X raised $14.5M in 9 rounds). Further it was followed by other ones - like Briggo (Austin based, meeting a lot of financial issues and further sold out to The Coca-Cola Company and in favour of Costa Coffee with its further subsidiary - Costa X/ CostaExpress).

After 10 years - we see dozens of robotic coffee projects - Ella by Crown Digital IO,Vending Lab Technologies, KNEXT Hospitality Robotic Solutions | SAR Group, RozumCafe by Rozum Robotics (my ex-love - was there for 3 most prominent years of the project), KioCafe, etc. - but we do not see thousands of running locations. And the question is WHY?

I see 5 main reasons for this and planning to be making a series of publications to cover this subject. In my final post I will be sharing my experience on how we overcome those obstacles atClick Coffee.

First and the most important reason why we don’t see mass adoption is lack of retention power.


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