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Click Coffee launches Robotic-Coffee-as-a-Service (RCaaS) Business Model

Each market requires a different approach. To match the requirements and expectations of local businesses, we at Click Coffeecame up with a new offer for HQs: robotic_coffee_as_a_service (RCaaS)

The idea is simple. You don’t need to invest in CAPEX. Which means you don’t care about

- service and maintenance;

- repairs;

- depreciation;

- extra assets to your accounting balance;

- reselling or stocking once you change your plans.

Instead of buying - you rent it. To get not just a piece of equipment but the complete service.

Currently most of companies provide free coffee. What it means for HQ? It means the HQ subsidises 100% of its cost. The company buys:

- beans

- milk

- water

- coffee equipment (get it for free in some cases)

- hires a staff member to handle it (employees might do it on their own).

What kind of coffee would one get in an office? The one prepared by a free coffee machine (read “lower budget coffee machine”) or prepared by a non-pro barista? Right, it would be average or medium rather than a top one.

How can a company get a premium coffee? Open a premium coffee corner - which is a challenge in itself. Hiring staff, getting pro ingredients and managing the process to ensure consistency.

And that is where Click Coffee with its robotic coffee kiosks comes on stage.

Click Coffee - is premium coffee (100% Arabica, 82+ grades beans by UAE boutique roastery DXBlends), mixed with premium milk (Hayatna Freshcow’s milk, alternatives by Alpro&Oatly) and syrups (MONIN). And it's a great PR tool to increase brand awareness and HR brand.

With all the recipes being professionally set up by a pro human barista, carefully executed and monitored by AIand support team 27/4 with live adjustment of 15+ parameters "on-the-go" to provide ideal coffee.

Literally you have premium unattended coffee service in your office.

And here comes the most important thing. How much is speciality coffee at % ARABICA or Espressolab? Right, 20+ AED per latte. Quite costly but a reality for UAE.

When a company orders robotic coffee service from Click Coffee, it means it has already subsidised most of the cost of coffee for their staff. That allows Click Coffee to offer the same PREMIUM SPECIALITY coffee for staff at a close-to-self-cost price 7-8 AED per cup. Not bad, huh? Speciality coffee with premium ingredients of the highest standards and quality 3 times cheaper than in a coffee shop.

Company is just to replenish ingredients while all the service/maintenance/cleaning/ingredients supply are done by Click Coffee.

Company gets:

- Premium coffee service for staff and visitors

- Cool high tech product in their office

- low coffee expenses


- Premium coffee at the most affordable rate ever

- Exclusive coffee service

We're glad to have first locations in UAE operate under the new business model (we're now open at Etisalat UAE and Nakheel) and welcome new offices to join.


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