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Click Coffee at Host Milano 2023

Host Milano Insights.

It’s been more than a week after the event. Time to sum it up.

The show is big. Huge. Tremendous. Spent there 4 days. Visited only 2 pavilions related to coffee (out of a dozen in total, I guess). The event is for manufacturers.

Key findings:

1. Chinese manufacturers likeDr.Coffeeare growing. Doubling or tripling every other day. And the rumour has it that the quality of the equipment is growing (at least the coffee part). Was surprised by the sales process: described as “I d-o-n-t c-a-r-e”. Come and spend 20 min at the booth not being attended by the staff. It’s ok. But, based on their sales, it works) API access - bottleneck. After placing an order for 300+ machines. The case withJetinno Coffee Machineis better. The guys are customer oriented, and good in what they do.

2.Eversys MEIA and WMF Professional Coffee Machines- great technologies, though might be costly. It was good to meet our current equipment suppliers, making a few new connections (thanks Jack Mhanna). MWF rolled out a new machine - WMF EspressoNext. It’s super automatic machine - and has a holder to put inside. The machine will grind, temper and brew on its own. And a milk frother with a semi-automatic system. Why? People like their coffee “being made by a human”. A kind of imitate-to-look approach. Not a bad idea, isn’t it? Btw, the technology is not new. Franke Coffee Systemsused to have the same model for years. Doesn’t seem to be a best-seller though.



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